Foodservice Products

Chicken Breaders

House-Autry is the fried chicken expert. Our Chicken Breader, the #1 selling breader in America, is the ideal mix for light, crispy, delicious chicken, making it easy to create delicious comfort food in any kitchen. Whether deep-fried, skillet-fried or “oven-fried,” House-Autry Chicken Breaders make sure your chicken comes out right every time. Customers with a craving for spicy flavors love House-Autry Medium Hot and Spicy Hot Breaders. These multi-use breading... View Chicken Breaders

Seafood Breaders

A Southern classic enjoyed all over the country, breaded seafood is always a crowd-pleaser. House-Autry’s Seafood Breader, featuring an original blend of wheat and corn flours with a hint of Southern seasoning, is the best way to bring that flavor to the table. As one of the top-selling Seafood Breaders in the U.S., we offer a variety of options for foodservice operators. These include our Original and Special Seafood Breader... View Seafood Breaders

All Purpose Breaders

Just as the name suggests, these breaders are great for all purposes! Coat chicken, fish or vegetables to fry up the perfect dinner or appetizer; or add a bit of water or milk to make the ideal batter. Either way, your foods turn out crispy, light and flavorful. Operators in every segment are always looking for ways to make their kitchen operate more smoothly and efficiently. Our All Purpose Breader... View All Purpose Breaders

Hushpuppy Mixes

House-Autry’s Hushpuppy Mixes, featuring a unique blend of cornmeal, flour and special seasonings, let customers create the perfect accompaniment to any meal—hot hushpuppies that are crispy outside, soft and flavorful inside. We are widely known for our Hushpuppy Mixes—in fact, we are the #1 seller in the entire country! Operators love our mixes because we make it easy to offer hushpuppies with just the right amount of sweetness and optional... View Hushpuppy Mixes

Cracker Meal and Corn Meal

House-Autry cracker meal, available in fine and extra-fine varieties, adds a light, crunchy coating to just about any fried food. It’s a great choice for frying, par-frying and oven reconstituting applications. Save the time and labor of crushing crackers and use our easy-to-use cracker meal instead! We also offer a selection of plain and self-rising, yellow and white corn meals to fit your every baking need. From corn bread to... View Cracker Meal and Corn Meal


House-Autry’s 200 years of milling experience have led to the ultimate in kitchen staples: flour that is perfect for a limitless array of dishes. Decadent cookies, warm bread, delicious cakes, savory appetizers—they all start with flour. Our flour gives you the best results no matter what your kitchen creates. Stock House-Autry plain and self-rising flour in your pantry. No matter what you are inspired to make, our flour will make... View Flour

Biscuit Mixes

There might not be anything better in this world than a perfectly baked biscuit, and our dedication to bringing you only the finest Southern cooking products means that we have the best biscuit mix around. Whether you are serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or appetizers, our Biscuit Mixes will make your customers the happiest and most satisfied in town. If you made only biscuits with our mixes, you would have... View Biscuit Mixes

Stone Ground Grits

House-Autry’s Stone Ground White and Yellow Grits are ideal for any operation, giving your customers the traditional Southern flavor that is growing in popularity throughout the country. Made the old-fashioned way using granite stones, our grits are more flavorful because we grind the whole kernel of corn to retain its natural oils. This delivers a much superior product with a more authentic corn flavor. Grits aren’t just for breakfast anymore;... View Stone Ground Grits

Specialty Products

In addition to our popular breaders, we also offer funnel cake batter, fritter mixes, egg wash and more. The funnel cake is traditionally known as a classic festival food, but it’s gaining in popularity on restaurant menus as well. A variety of operations are starting to serve funnel cakes for breakfast in place of pancakes, with maple syrup and powdered sugar, or as dessert, topped with fruit and a chocolate... View Specialty Products

Spice Blends

House-Autry is continuing its history of high-quality flavor with a new line of seasoning blends. Naturally gluten-free and made in the company’s gluten-free facility, the new blends are also free of MSG! They include: Seafood Seasoning - Salt, garlic, onion and spices, with a hint of lemon. Blackened Seafood Seasoning - Salt and spices plus coloring. Seasoning Salt - Salt, sugar, spices and coloring, with paprika extracts. The seasoning blends... View Spice Blends