Innovation Center

Need a more cost-efficient version of a spice blend you use in your operation? Want to come up with a new breading option? Need ideas for differentiating your restaurants from competitors?

Call House-Autry! Our Research & Development specialists can help you stay on the cutting edge of foodservice by creating breading mixes and spice blends that save you money, labor and time.

We understand how important consistency is to any restaurant chain, large or small. Our R&D department is skilled in making seasonings and mixes match the “personality” of your operation while offering uniformity in flavor and quality. Let us help you create a signature dish, spice or seasoning that will create customer loyalty.

We can even help you add a revenue stream by packaging your seasonings and mixes specifically for you so you can sell them in your restaurant.

Partner with House-Autry and see how easy it can be to leverage our brand and buying power to improve your operation’s efficiency. Give us a call at 800.849.0802!