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 Chicken Breader Mix Buffet Chicken Breader Mix – 504 Plain Chicken Breader Mix – 525 Reduced Salt Chicken Breader Mix – 499 Zesty Chicken Breader – 520 Texas Pete® Chicken Breader Catfish Breader – 560 Fish & Chips Batter – 241 Seafood Breader Mix – 205 Seafood Breader Mix (No MSG) – 206 Seafood Breader Mix Low Salt – 207 Special Seafood Breader Mix – 200 All Purpose Breader Mix – 211 All Purpose Breader Mix (medium spicy) – 540 All Purpose Batter Mix (wet batter) -543 Medium Onion Hushpuppy Mix – Sweet Onion Frozen Hushpuppies – 151 Sweet Plain Hushpuppy Mix – 120 Sweet Onion Hushpuppy Mix – Plain Roller Ground Hushpuppy Mix – 124 P&B Sweet Onion Hushpuppy Mix - Extra Sweet Onion Hushpuppy Mix – Extra Sweet Plain Hushpuppy Mix – 103 Corn Bread Mix – 417 Extra Fine Cracker Meal – 603 Fine Cracker Meal (No Salt) – 600 Plain Fine SG White Corn Meal – 430 Plain Medium SG White Corn Meal – 400 Yellow Plain Corn Meal – 440 Best Plain Flour – 300 Best Self Rising Flour – 305


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